The traditional weight loss model of “exercise more, eat less” has failed you miserably! The reason why you continue to struggle with your weight has little to do with what you eat and how you exercise! Let me show you a way to permanent weight loss experience beyond diet and exercise!
I can help you cut through all the confusion and resolve your weight loss issues once and for all. With my expertise and successful track record, this will be your last stop in a never-ending vicious cycle of losing & gaining unwanted pounds!
From: Ruslan Kedik

Ottawa’s leading Fat Loss Expert, Personal Trainer and Registered Nutritionist.


Ruslan for Home PageDear friend,

I empathize with your weight loss challenges. I know it hasn’t been easy for you. I’m not here to make another empty promise or to offer you an easy solution. I’m here to show you that many Ottawa residents have benefited from working with me and so can you. Not only have my clients lost weight, they kept it off for good. If you’re tired of fighting this never ending battle and are ready to raise your arms in victory, then you’ve come to the right place.

One of the caveats behind my coaching philosophy is that life’s too short to live on the treadmill and your time is to valuable to be spent thinking about diminutive things like what to eat or what not to eat. Your life need not be a never-ending struggle to burn more calories than you take in. You deserve to live life to the fullest and get the most out of this extraordinary experience. My Coaching Model goes above and beyond mundane concepts of diet & exercise that will help you reach your weight loss goals and get more out of LIFE.

I, Ruslan Kedik, am the founder of Fat Loss Solutions Inc. and a sought-out personal trainer in Ottawa with nearly a decade of experience. I specialize in Fat Loss and offer one-on-one and online coaching solutions for your weight and body image challenges! At Fat Loss Solutions, you will attain sustainable weight loss and you will learn
how to experience life beyond diet and exercise.
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  • hate shopping for new clothes because nothing you like fits properly
  • feel so uncomfortable in your own skin that you hate going out
  • feel ashamed of your body
  • feel like people are always judging you because of your weight
  • fear that you’re never going to lose this weight
  • feel like you’re genetically prone to weight gain
  • feel disengaged from life, distant, deadened, numbed, or overwhelmed because of how you look
How do I know this? I’ve been through it myself.

My Story


Like you, I have struggled with the physical and emotional battles of excess weight. Not long ago, I walked around at 276lbs (24lbs shy of the BIG 300). I now have gone through the process of not only successfully losing my excess weight, but also keeping it off effortlessly. This transformation has given me greater insight into what it truly takes to claim control of your body and health!

I remember when:

may story img Ruslan

    • I felt ashamed and embarrassed of how I looked.
    • I hated looking in the mirror and seeing the reflection of my gross, unattractive body.
    • I hated the size of my bloated belly, my thick “love handles”, rolls on my back and my chubby face. (Someone actually said that I looked like a ‘sausage’!)
    • I had a closet full of clothes that didn’t fit me anymore.
    • I hated shopping, nothing I liked ever fit and the reflection in the mirror at in-store changing rooms discouraged and upset me greatly.
    • I felt extremely uncomfortable in social environments. I felt like I was constantly being judged and critiqued. I especially felt like a hypocrite when asked what I did for a living. Being known as the FAT Personal Trainer was dreadful to me.
  • I felt like I was trapped, like there was no way out!
  • I felt like there was something seriously wrong with me!
  • I felt like my metabolism was damaged!
  • I lacked motivation, inspiration and energy in my life.
  • Food then became the only thing that made me happy for the time being.
  • Feeling so helpless at times, I would get out of bed at midnight and find the nearest 24h pharmacy where I could buy cookies, ice cream and other junk. I would then just sit and bury my frustration with junk food. Oftentimes, I would stop by a grocery store on the way home from work and pick up a whole cheesecake and eat it in a matter of a few hours. It was the only thing that seemed to make me feel good, even if the relief was short lived.

I’ve lived that vicious cycle for years, but I broke the pattern.
And now I will teach you how you can do it too!

may story img2 Ruslan

Through my own personal challenges and struggle I have discovered a unique way to not ONLY successfully LOSE WEIGHT but also to KEEP IT OFF long term.

The craziest thing about my personal experience is that I hit my heaviest numbers on the scale while being one of the top personal trainers in Ottawa! In light of me knowing everything there was to know about nutrition, exercise and weight loss, I had spun out of control and balloon up to almost 300lbs!
I do believe that everything happens for a REASON. I was destined to go through this dark time in my life in order to understand how to service YOU better.

I learned that there are many reasons why people become overweight and struggle with body image. Each person’s experience is as unique as his or her fingerprints.
I’ve also learned that there is MUCH MORE to weight loss than dieting and exercising!

Today I feel ALIVE! I’M liberated from the struggle and engaged in LIFE! I’m extremely HAPPY, FULLFILLED and SATISFIED with who I am. I feel comfortable and confident in my own body. I am able to experience everything life has to offer without being held back by my weight or my body image issues.

It is my mission to help YOU do the same! With my experience and expertise you too can free yourself of what seems to be a never-ending struggle, and liberate yourself from the diet mentality and mindless exercise.

You truly can be your best and live at your best.
It’s just a matter of time before you:
  • Feel so good, that all your family and friends will start to wonder ‘what you’re ON’
  • Start fitting into all your favorite clothes
  • Stop worrying about how you look all the time
  • Gain all the confidence in the world to live the life you desire
  • Trim your mid section and lose that ‘back fat’. Guys, get ready to buy new pants!
  • Tone and shape your arms and thighs. Ladies, new wardrobe will be a must!
  • Have abundance of energy – it’s not about ‘getting through the day’ it’s about living each day to the fullest!
  • Attain optimal health – transform your life and your physique!

My Personal Training Services have helped countless Ottawa residents transform their bodies and lives. Here are their incredible Weight Loss Results. This could be YOU!

“Started at 214lbs NOW 180lbs!”

What can I say, Ruslan is a real expert at what he does.
I’ve lost over 30lbs, I’ve changed my wardrobe, I’ve gained a new perspective on life and am now inspired and motivated as I have never been before. If you’re looking for an all around coaching experience that delivers results and takes you to the next level, Ruslan and FLS is your only option!

“I've lost 35lbs!”

FLS has provided the foundation I needed to ensure my life has balance between exercise, nutrition, work and play. I’ve now lost 35lbs! My initial objective was to trim down for my wedding; but this program is about so much more than just weight loss. It’s about living life fully and completely and my morning training sessions at FLS have shown me how to do that.

“I've lost 27lbs and gained a ton of energy!”

I’ve Lost 27lbs and am still going strong!
I feel phenomenal and wish I would have done this sooner!

Thank you Ruslan for mentoring and supporting me along the way!

“I lost 25lbs and feel incredible!”

I’m 46 yrs young have lost over 25lbs and gained a new appreciation for what my body can do. As I was beginning to buy into the trap of having to accept rather than challenge the mounting aches pains and short coming creeping up. Sciatic pain, degenerative disc disease etc. Not anymore, I feel better than ever regardless of the number on the scale and look forward to my mornings with Ruslan! a

Thank you Ruslan!

“I've lost over 50lbs!”

My life has completely changed for the better.

I feel amazing and I’m fully engaged in life!
Having lost over 50lbs has given me a new perspective on life and what I am capable off achieving!

Thank you coach for all your support and help!

“I'm a busy mother of 3 and I lost 18lbs!”

I’ve lost 18lbs and it feels great. Not only are all my clothes fitting better but I feel like a brand new me!
The process was very informative and eye opening, weight loss doesn’t have to be harsh, in fact Ruslan helped me lose this weight
with minimal exercise!

Thank you!

“I've lost 30lbs and never going back!”

Shortly after starting with Ruslan at FLS, I had began noticing a difference in how I felt and looked!
Today I’m 30lbs lighter, my waist has gone down from 38 to 34. I haven’t felt this good in a long time! My clothes are fitting me quite comfortably and I’m grateful for the results that I got in working with Ruslan and the tools he provided me with in order to keep my weight off for the rest of my life.

Hands down Ruslan is the top weight loss coach in Ottawa!

Thank you Ruslan!

“I have lost over 50lbs!”

Prior to staring with Ruslan at FLS I was almost 200lbs. I didn’t have anything to wear and I always felt awkward at that weight. Going out with my friends, I was always the biggest one out of the bunch. I’ve tried every diet out there with no avail. Working with Ruslan has resulted in me losing over 50lbs!

I feel fantastic!

“Ruslan has changed how I live my life”
I have lost over the 30lbs, gained muscle and my athleticism in hockey and golf has improved greatly. I would have to say what I have learned with Ruslan has changed how I live my life; I would recommend his services to anyone who is inspired to reach new heights in life.
Aaron J.
“I've lost over 30 lbs and 4 dress sizes.”
The physical changes were an amazing accomplishment throughout the process, having lost over 30 lbs and 4 dress sizes. It took awhile to realize that I wasn’t a size 12 anymore. My overall demeanor, mood, and outlook on life have changed drastically.
Sophia R
“I got my life back.”

I had lost over a 50lbs, I went down from a size 18 to 8, gained sky high levels of energy which I don’t know what to do with now. Most of all I feel like I got my life back.
Thank you,

“Brand new man, 36lbs Lighter”
In just a few months, I lost 36 pounds, went from a size 40 inch waist to a 34 inch waist. My overall strength and endurance factors increased dramatically. I feel like a brand new man.
Terry Dans
“I lost 25lbs and enjoyed the process”

Working with Ruslan changed my perspective on diet and exercise and everything in between.  The change that I experienced the most is that of the mindset.  I no longer view eating healthy and being active as daily chores that I must perform to trim a few pounds. Not only did these changes allow me to lose 25lbs, but they also equip me with strength and energy on a daily basis.

Damira G
“I went from 235lbs down to 185lbs!”
I look and feel good! Now that I have these things going for me, I’ve gained confidence, a sense of total control in life and truly feel that I can now achieve anything.
“Improved athleticism & fat loss”
While perusing my athletic enhancement oriented goals, I had noticed major improvement in my body composition in conjunction with improved athleticism. I had lost fat, gained muscle and had gotten more defined as a result of Ruslan’s superior training tactics and nutritional strategies.
Loui L.
“People are in shock when they see me”
I had dropped 25lbs of fat, I couldn’t believe how great I felt. Wearing size 33 jeans feels fantastic. I’m no longer ‘the big guy’, I’m the ‘wow, what happened to you’ guy now. People are in shock when they see the new me. It feels good to be in shape.
Moe M
“I’m amazed at how fulfilling and liberating this experience has been for me”

Shortly after starting with Ruslan I had noticed dramatic results. I was loosing fat, leaning out, feeling energized, happy and motivated beyond my expectations.

Darren C
“This is the best I’ve felt in a long time!”
I dropped about 10lbs of fat and gained some muscle along the way. It felt so good to train hard again, and see the payoff. This is the best I’ve felt in a long time!

During Ruslan’s program I had developed a new outlook on health, nutrition, training and life in general.

Chris M
“I have lost over 30 lbs”

I have lost over 30 lbs, got fitter and stronger. By following Ruslan’s principles I have become much happier in my daily life. Not only I can now fit back into my old jeans and feel pretty when I go out with friends, I am also no longer shy and embarrassed to wear form-fitting clothes, whereas before I would wear anything that would help me hide. I love the feeling of being able to wear what I want and feel good in it!

“I not only achieved, but exceeded my personal health and fitness goals.”

In working with Ruslan Kedik I not only achieved, but exceeded my personal health and fitness goals. Ruslan helped me train, compete and win my first ever figure competition. I thoroughly enjoyed every step of the journey. Thanks so much, Ruslan! Most definitely, you are the best!

Carla D
“I feel like I’m 10 years younger”

I’ve lost 33 lbs of fat, gained muscle mass and definition, improved my body composition, and lowered my blood pressure to normal levels. I feel like I’m 10 years younger, my energy levels are through the roof and I’m ready to take on new challenges!

Thanks Ruslan!

Fred G.
“Dramatic transformation”

I was able to make a dramatic transformation in just a matter of a few months. I dropped 24 lbs of body fat and gained some lean muscle. I can now wear all the clothes that I couldn’t before, it feels amazing. I have gained a lot of self confidence and am feeling great about myself now. I feel fantastic.

Thanks Ruslan!

Katie F
“I feel alive!”
After these 9 months I’ve been feeling a lot stronger, more fit, sharper. I guess most of all I FEEL ALIVE!
Ben J.
“ I was dropping body fat like crazy”
I was dropping body fat like crazy and replacing it with lean muscle.  The compliments that I was getting from family and friends were awesome, and my confidence levels shot through the roof.  With Ruslan’s guidance in nutrition and training I lost 30lbs of fat. Since my initial losses, I have been able to maintain my transformation on my own and continue to make progress!
Jimmy C.

Here’s what others, Just like you, Have to say About The Results
They’ve Achived with this one-of-a-kind coaching program:

If you’re anything like me or my clients, you’re probably exhausted from trying and FAILING over and over again! You’ve tried many diet plans, liquid shakes, bootcamps, and everything in between, but you are still dissatisfied with your lack of results. Unfortunately the weight loss industry pries on your desperate needs for change and promises QUICK and EASY results. In following such programs, you’re always left feeling like a failure.

The truth is, you have not failed, it was the program that failed YOU.

I remember when I used to be part of the problem. – As a non-experienced trainer, I used to train clients for 3-6 months at a time, forcing their bodies to lose fat FAST! Some of them lost 50+lbs in a span of 6 months but the weight always came back just as FAST, and WITH INTEREST! By then the clients where no longer working with me, they where on their own – struggling once again and starting from scratch! When I realized that most of my clients could NOT maintain their NEW ‘beach bodies’ and relapsed, I hit a turning point in my career. I decided that I no longer wanted to be part of a failed system and did not want my clients to be just another statistic.


Instead of blaming my clients for ‘their lack of commitment to my program’ like most other trainers do, I rethought my coaching philosophy and mission statement:

At Fat Loss Solutions I achieve what other ‘trainers’ do not. I aim to ensure your LONG TERM SUCCESS – weight loss that is sustained instead of short lived ‘results’ which are never maintained.

What is the key to LONG TERM SUCCESS?


A wise Chinese proverb says: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” I apply the same concept to weight loss. I will teach you how to live a healthy life beyond the struggle of diet and exercise. As a result, you will not only achieve your weight loss goals, you will sustain them for life.

One of the reasons why my coaching methods are so EFFECTIVE is that I work with my clients on getting to the bottom of their issues, beyond the physical realm. Many of us sabotage our own weight loss success because of experiences at an emotional, mental or intuitive level. By raising self-awareness and understanding, I will help you to understand the reasons for your weight challenges. Consequently, you’re bound to break through the struggle.

Another reason for my impressive track record is customized programs for my clients. The prescribed protocols are tailored to your specific needs as opposed to forcing you into a one-size-fits all solution.

I learned that there are many reasons why people become overweight and struggle with body image. Each person’s experience is as unique as his or her finger prints.

Here is exactly what you get as one of my private coaching clients:

A series of custom training programs designed
to fit your unique needs and goals.

Your training program will be specifically designed to ensure results and enjoyment of the program.

Nutrition strategies that fit your lifestyle while
providing the desired weight loss results.

This ‘no diet – nutrition solution’ is a process in which you will learn how to integrate food as part of your life experience guilt/shame free while working towards sustainable weight loss.

Expertise and reasoning behind the
protocols designed for you.

No stone is left unturned – there is valid and coherent reason behind every strategy I put in place and every recommendation I make. Through my services, you will be educated on why the protocols are right for you and what needs to be done to maintain your weight loss results.

Emotional and mental mentoring to help you
stop the self-destructive behavior.

There is a reason WHY you’re stuck and continue to self-sabotage your efforts – there is a way out and I want to help you break out of this viscous cycle.

24h online access to me for your questions on all aspects of weight loss.

Get in touch with me at any point to receive mentoring and additional support.


WARNING:There is one consequence to my coaching program which seems to be a common complaint among its participants – having to buy new clothes, because of their weight loss success.

In fact, a client of mine recently had to get a new WEDDING band. He lost so much weight and couldn’t re-size his titanium band, so he was stuck getting a new ring!

Just thought I would give you a heads up!

My program is for those people whom are FED UP with trying and failing. It’s for those who are sick and tired of fighting this fight! It’s for those who are serious about losing their weight, and moving past this burden in their lives.

Let’s face it – LIFE IS SHORT and you don’t want to be wasting these precious moments worrying about your weight, what you’re supposed to be eating or what is the best method of exercising. Surrender the worry, stress and confusion to a professional and let me guide you through this process.

Don’t let more time slip away. This moment, right now, can be a brand new beginning for you – a life bursting with opportunities, experiences and lasting happiness! Let me help you achieve long-term weight loss and sustain it for life!